Joining our Organization

Having people suggest packages for us to maintain is invaluable, and we’ll continue to need that help until we build a good way to discover these projects on our own. That said, if we aren’t able to continue scaling our organization we’ll not be able to help the projects that need us.

We’ll always need people in the Gofrs organization who are willing to help out, especially because each individual has something unique they can contribute. Whether they are a senior Go developer or a junior, and whether they have experience maintaining open source projects or not, there is value they bring to the table. An example is that maybe you’re not too involved in Go, but you feel you can help with this website.

Part of this group’s purpose is to help level-up those that are newer to open source contributing, by giving them an opportunity to gain experience and learn how to be a positive open source citizen. We don’t yet have any sort of formalized mentorship program, but we expect that those in the organization are willing to answer thoughtful questions and have constructive conversations. By helping those interested in growing, we further expand the types of projects we can contribute to.

We’re also looking to see how we can benefit the larger Go community, and so while we have no concrete plans right now people who are interested in mentorship, teaching, or community building could be very impactful.

If helping us strengthen the Go community through package maintainership or other efforts sounds interesting to you, please consider joining our organization. You can read more about how to join here.